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Tribeca Bus Rebellion Mercilessly Crushed

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Last week, in news that shocked the 10013 to its very core, it was revealed that A.) The Department of Transportation would allow commuter and tour buses to park along West Street in Tribeca for hours every day perhaps forever, and B.) This was not negotiable, kthanksbye. Angered Tribecans decided to rally against the DOT's plan anyway, which was to go in affect the first week of May. We say was because the DOT has now decided to accelerate the plan to a start date of April 27 (that's Monday!), and they informed residents of this decision at an emergency community meeting called by those outraged about the bus situation. Awkward!

The Tribeca Trib also reports that the DOT's announcement came mere hours after a rally led by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who said, "This is not a dictatorship. You don't bring 30 commuter buses into a neighborhood that is growing residential." Community Board 1 chairwoman Julie Menin has asked the DOT's commissioner to delay the plan until alternative sites can be studied. Julie! Don't you see what happens when you complain? Those buses are probably already plowing through Hudson River Park.
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