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Reader Rant: Decked Out at FiDi's Greenwich Club

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Visit the website for the Greenwich Club Residences and the 37-story Art Deco tower's Sky Deck is listed as one of the building's top amenities. But visit the actual recent rental-to-condo conversion at 88 Greenwich Street and you'll find something of a different story, a Curbed tipster tells us:

I've been at the downtown Greenwich Club Residences for about a year now, and I just think you should warn your readers about this place. On the surface, its a really beautiful building with a lot of amenities and so forth, but the management team is absolutely clueless and the residents are pretty much in open revolt at this point. They've hired an attorney and there is talk of lawsuits for misrepresentation and a few other things. A big item in the war between the residents and management company is that the sponsor is currently using some of the unsold/vacant units in the building as extended-stay hotel suites. Now, I'm a renter (thank god), so a lot of these issues don't affect me beyond the fact that the unit I'm in should probably be better than what it is, especially considering the top dollar I'm paying ($3,500/month for 750 sq ft 1br), but now the building has closed off what is arguably its best amenity, the outdoor lounge. A few months ago we all got a letter under our doors telling us that the deck was leaking into a unit below and that it would be closed while they investigate the source and make repairs. Which was fine (in February/March), but seemingly zero progress has been made since then (my unit partially overlooks the deck and it has been almost completely static). Yesterday I asked the doorman what the timeframe was for repair, and he cheerfully informed me that the deck would be closed indefinitely, and for sure would not be open at all over this summer, while they tear up the tiles and resurface. Oh well.

I'm no engineer, but I do have an idea of how long it should take to resurface a deck of that size, and its not this long. Even figuring for permits, it could have been done twice by now. I cannot imagine why its delayed, but I am seriously thinking about finding a way out of my lease over it.

Tough break, for sure, but it does inspire us to make this bad joke: Hey, who's on deck for 88 Greenwich? Nobody!
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