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Forget the Hamptons: Hunters Point Shaping Up for Summer

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Blog liQcity updates us on the expansion of Long Island City's Gantry Plaza State Park up into the waterfront area near the Queens West towers, and we must say, our fancy hasn't been tickled so much by some chairs since we first got a look at the High Line's loungers-on-wheels. But it's not all nature shots and pastoral beauty that liQcity is serving up. Nope, they've also solved an LIC mystery!

The twisty metal pole stuck in the dirt near the EastCoast buildings has been a curious sight for the past few months. An antenna? A drill? Some sort of magnetic force field to keep LIC buyers from drowning themselves in the river? None of the above, it seems: "Another part of the park expansion includes an controversial aesthetic element, that was um, understandably, confused with a sinister communcations device. Upon further completion, it seems to be, drumroll please, a water fountain." We await visual proof of said water flowage, but it's safe to say this cold case has been cracked.
· Long Island City waterfront just got a little greener in Hunters Point [liQcity]