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CurbedWire: Ruppert Rally Illustrated, Architects Storm LIC

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UPPER EAST SIDE?Related's plans for the privately-owned Ruppert Playground on the UES are shaping up to be the controversy of the week. As mentioned earlier, yesterday residents rallied at the one-acre space against what might end up being a 40-story building of some sort. A Curbed operative sent along some photos of the spirited affair. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?Where were you at about, oh, 10 this morning? If you're an out-of-work architect, odds are you were crammed into the packed atrium of the Department of Design & Construction, the city agency that oversees many civic projects. A tipster fills us in on the scene: "Whoa. I am at a pre-RFP meeting for NYC DDC's upcoming projects and this is the scene: several hundred architects packed into the DDC atrium in LIC. No room in the building large enough for the number of desperate jobless architects that showed up. [Deputy Commissioner David] Resnick about to speak. Has to stand on a table to be seen. Starts with 'Good morning everyone and welcome tithe AIA's national convention.' Ha! [CurbedWire Inbox]