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On the Market: Huge Osborne Co-Op, With a Twist

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Folksy, old-school CBS newsman Charles Osgood has been hard at work on his home at West 57th Street's landmark Osborne co-op since 2001, buying and combining three smaller apartments into his 3,000-square-foot original. The results, following some extensive restoration and renovation work, are exactly what you'd expect from a man who wears a bow tie to work every day. Described by the Times' Josh Barbanel as "a stage set right out of 'My Fair Lady' and in its Sotheby's listing as "a Victorian fairy tale," the six-bedroom spread is now on the market and asking $7.9 million. A well-off librarian's dream house (if such a person exists), the 5,100-square-foot apartment's showstopper has to be the wooden spiral staircase leading up to a loft space that overlooks the library and dining room?precisely the classy touch we expect from an erudite old-timer with 15' ceilings. Us, we'd probably go with a ropes course.
· Listing: 205 West 57th Street [Sotheby's]
· 12 Rooms; Stroll to CBS [NYT]

The Osborne

205 West 57th Street, New York, NY