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Hudson River Park's Pier 64 Opens to Chelsea's Lazy Loungers

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Late last week, just in time for the sun and fun, the gang in charge of Hudson River Park slipped in a "soft" opening of Pier 64, over where West 23rd Street meets the river. This is the latest pearl in the strand of riverfront greenery that one day will cover the entire west side of Manhattan. What we have here is a narrow pier supporting a spine of the greenest grass this side of Kansas, the edges lined with benches and studded with deco-inspired lampposts. This sloping hill of green rises up as the pier reaches out into the Hudson, offering fantastic views of the rest of the world.

Turning back to the city, the Empire State Building looms large. Such nearby notables as 200 Eleventh Avenue from Annabelle Selldorf and Jean Nouvel's newly-glassed Vision Machine can be clearly seen. Looking north across the water to Pier 66A is that big red funhouse better known as the Frying Pan, ready and waiting and waiting to serve those is need of refreshment. And lots of lawn awaits, perfect for lounging and contemplating life, or creepily taking photos of those who do.
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