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CurbedWire: 'Burg Catch of the Day, Pane in Julliard's Neck

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WILLIAMSBURG?A tipster points us to this Craigslist rental ad and writes: "Here's one for The Catch series. Everybody's dream: single-family house, private backyard, cheap rent. Only, look at the pictures. Is this the house from Sanford and Son? All of this could be yours for $1850 a month!" Eh, not much of a catch. More of an out-and-out wreck. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LINCOLN CENTER?Yesterday we pointed out a newly installed, and rather large and in charge, metal support column outside the refreshed Julliard entrance at Lincoln Center. A tipster tells us its only temporary: "The column is set to come down in the first week of June. A large pane of glass was replaced in the facade and the column is there to support the new pane until it settles." Settled. [CurbedWire Inbox]