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Curbed PriceChopper: School's Out on UWS Townhouse

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Then: $7,900,000
Now: $4,750,000
You Save!: $3,150,000

No need to go researching this Upper West Side townhouse on your real estate search engine of choice, the pricing history is spelled out right there on its website. This looker at 311 West 75th Street, between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive, was renovated back in 1967, which we guess is a modern renovation considering the house is 120 years old. According to its website, the 20-foot-wide, 7,600-square-foot house is carved up into an owners' duplex on the second and third floors and a rental duplex on floors four and five. An art studio takes up the first floor. First up in the photo gallery above is the owners' residence, which looks pretty darn snazzy to us. So why the choppage? A tipster has some backstory:

Apparently the story goes that there was an elderly lady who owned and lived in the building for some time. She passed away and left the entire place to her old high school somewhere in Massachusetts. Anyway, as you can see, the original asking price was $7.9 Million. The website now has it for $4.75 Million, nearly a 40% cut. Nice.
If true, we can see the motivation for a quick sale. An old Upper West Side townhouse is probably not high on the list of desires for a Massachusetts high school. Or maybe it's haunted? Intel on any known curses in the comments, svp.
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