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LIC's Latest Waterfront Luxury Rental Tower Modeled

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Long Island City broker-blogger Eric Benaim ducked into the sales office for The View and came away with photos of a reveal: the model of the third rental tower in Rockrose's EastCoast collection of buildings on the Queens West waterfront in the Hunters Point section of Long Island City. (We think we got all the names, right?) EastCoast 3?technically the fourth EastCoast building when counting condo project The View?will be developed with EastCoast 4 but will be completed first, and will have 42-45 stories, 400-500 luxury rental units and a K-8 public school in its base, writes Benaim. It every other EastCoast building, naturally. Forget how this all fits into the master plan? Just go here and look for the ghost buildings.
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