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Advertecture Strikes Back in Whitewashing War

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As mentioned yesterday, over the weekend a merry group of pranksters organized by the Public Ad Campaign conducted an "ad space takeover," in which over 100 billboards on the sides of buildings were whitewashed and in many cases replaced with art. Much of the outdoor signage is illegal, the ad appropriators say, and in an effort to scare away the billboard folks from returning, a "work order" was posted at the sites calling for the removal of the ads. How would the company responsible for the billboards react? We already have our answer, at least in one location.

OK, so the ads were gone for 48 hours. Small victory? Writes the Curbed tipster who sent in the before and after photos: "War of the outdoor advertising is on!" Here's the threatening note posted on the billboards after the whitewashing. The "Municipal Landscape Control Committee" sounds like a fun gig. They hiring?

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