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DoBro's Grand Piano Downsized to Casio Keyboard

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It wasn't so long ago, believe it or not, when visions of new 100-story Brooklyn skyscrapers danced in the heads of developers and their pet starchitects. Heck, even academic institutions wanted in on the fun, but as the world's economic outlook started to sour, so too did the plans for a Renzo Piano-designed academic/residential mixed-use tower brought to Downtown Brooklyn by Forest City Ratner and CUNY's College of Technology. But now Brownstoner notes some soil tests being performed around the property, as well as some serious tax lot shuffling. Does the City Tech Tower have new life? Er, not quite. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, there will indeed be a new City Tech building, only it will rise eight or nine stories. "Academic Building 1," as its called, will replace an existing auditorium at Jay and Tillary Streets, adding further insult to injury to developer Bruce Ratner because, oops, there goes another place the lowly Nets could've played in.
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