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Development Du Jour: Ridgewood's The Times Bldg

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Location: 852 Cypress Ave., Ridgewood, Queens
Size: 19 units
Prices: 603-square-foot loft for $309,000; 1,093-square-foot 2BR for $499,000
Developer: NS Construction
Sales & Marketing:
Lowdown: We don't often make it to Ridgewood, but we're feeling pretty okay about it this time because the official website for THE TIMES BLDG [sic] assures us it's "nestled on the Bushwick Brooklyn/Ridgewood Queens border." But typographical/geographical sins aside, this is actually a pretty great looking condo makeover of an old newspaper building built in 1932. (Check out that quasi-gothic lobby staircase, and the oddly psychedelic hallways—bonkers.) As for the units themselves, the second floor features open loft spaces priced from $279,000, while the third and fourth floors are all duplexes with patios or roof terraces at $499,000—most creeping towards, but not quite hitting, $500 per square foot. Any pioneers out there had a look around here yet?

Times Building

852 Cypress Avenue, Queens, NY