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On The Market: Too Hot To Trot in Tribeca

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When is the "best and final" gambit to sell an apartment not really best, or final? For the answer to this brain-teaser, we turn to an email in our inbox from the broker representing Penthouse B at Tribeca's 55 White Street. (Background on the place: the 2,063-square-foot three-bedroom is listed at $2.95 million, down from the $4 million it was originally listed at in—cue ominous music—August 2008.) Under the terms of the "best and final" offering, it can be yours for a minimum bid of $2.6 million—an opportunity that was supposed to be best'd and final'd already but wasn't because—well, let's just let the broker explain: "Due to the heat wave this past Sunday we have extended the 'Best & Highest' bid until 6:00pm Monday, May 4, 2009." Pray for rain!

· Listing: 55 White, PHB [Corcoran]