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New Tribeca Library Building Ready to Lay Down the Law

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Down in Tribeca the new academic building for the New York Law School, complete with library and a slew of those fancy flood-controlling bike racks, is nearly ready to stock the stacks. The five-story glass and and metal building?with four additional floors below-grade?is from the SmithGroup and will add 235,000 square feet of space to NYLS's downtown campus. The expanse of glass lining Leonard Street, nearly a block long, nicely reflects the old buildings to the north. One day this good looker may meet up with the 57-story 56 Leonard Street on the corner, but let's not bet on it (legally! We swear!). In the meantime, aspiring esquires will crowd the block. Unfortunately for them the legendary watering hole that used to sit across the street is long gone, replaced by condos. Ahh, change! We'll drink to that.
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