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CurbedWire: 21.8 Applicants Per SoBro Apartment, More Ace

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SOBRO?Back in July, we pointed out The Solara, a new two-building development in the South Bronx with 160 affordable co-ops priced from $108,000. How's the project doing? A Solara rep fills us in: "Although the lottery closed, we're still accepting applications. We’ve received roughly 3,500 apps so far. That’s 21.875 applicants per unit! And there are some new renderings on the website. These days you don’t see too many affordable jobs doing interior renderings up there." Those renderings can be seen above. No, the flatscreens aren't included. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRONISH?As we pointed out yesterday, scaffolding is coming off the Ace Hotel (née Hotel Breslin) at Broadway and 29th Street. A tipster sent us a new shot.