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On the Market: Reaching For the Sky at 145 Hudson

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Now that the penthouse craziness at Tribeca's Skylofts is done with, long-suffering buyers can get back to business as usual. And by "business is usual," we of course mean eye-popping price tags. Above, one of the first resales at 145 Hudson, a 3BR, 3.5BA loft estimated at a healthy 5,200sf. "No expense was spared in the buildout," crows the listing, and lordy, we hope that's true. The apartment sold for $4,225,737 in the summer of '06. It hit the market a month ago with an asking price of $12.95 million, and hit our cerebral cortex with the force of a thousand bricks.
· Listing: 145 Hudson Street #11A [Sotheby's]