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Construction Watch: 'Forgotten Ratner' Shows Its Face

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[Photos via Curbed Photo Pool/Gemini-J]

What, with Bruce Ratner's massive Atlantic Yards nearby, it's only understandable that the rising 34-story tower at 80 Dekalb Avenue on the Downtown Brooklyn/Fort Greene border became the "forgotten Ratner." But with Atlantic Yards looking as likely as a Nets playoff run, it's time for 80 Dekalb to get the attention it deserves. Forest City Ratner enlisted prolific architect Costas Kondylis for this building, which will have 292 rental apartments (20% of them "affordable"). When we last checked in, the structure was just beginning to rise. Now, via the photos above dropped in the Curbed Photo Pool, we see that the prefab panels are already being hoisted into place. If only all Brooklyn construction got on so quickly, eh Brucey boy?
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