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Q1 Foreclosures Report: Brooklyn Plummets, Bronx Way Up

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Behold, PropertyShark's latest quarterly foreclosures report, which comes to us one day after the release of the Q1 sales reports and about 10 minutes before we run out of patience for staring at charts and graphs. According to the report, which will soon be made available right here, new foreclosures were down 5% from last year, but up 14% over last quarter. Queens made up 66% of the city's new foreclosure filings, while the Bronx saw a 191% increase in first-time foreclosures over Q4 2008. New filings in Brooklyn plummeted 74% from last year and 55% from last quarter, while Manhattan had just 17 new foreclosures in the quarter, compared to 23 last year and 22 last quarter. Queens, as is tradition, also dominated the zip codes naughty list (see gallery above). For ease of public shaming, PropShark also mapped the foreclosed properties by borough. Check out Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and the many pushpins of Queens.
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