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On Quiet Byway, No. 22 Renwick Rocks Its Facade

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Just a little over a year ago little Renwick Street—at the southwest edge of Soho/Hudson Square—was said to be the next big thing, with three super-luxe developments in line for construction. Oh, what changes a year can bring. The number of active projects on Renwick is down to one; two others have entered the deadly stall stage. The survivor: a 19-unit condo from Philip Johnson/ Alan Ritchie Architects called No. 22 Renwick (a previous Curbed Development Du Jour).

This twelve-story tiered and terraced project is fully up and has now started to show its face. Charcoal terra cotta panels manufactured in Germany cover one-third of the west-facing facade, and more is set to go up, wrapping around the north face and continuing on to the back side facing east where lucky residents will enjoy clear views of something new from the family Trump. According to Corcoran Sunshine's listings, 14 of the 19 units are in contract. Among those still up for grabs: this third-floor two-bedroom, asking $1.34 million for just over 1,000 square feet of living space.

It seems the views to the west will not soon be encumbered by the presence of either hot chicks or The Renwick, a 13-story glassy slab of slickness that sprung from the mind of Ismael Leyva. Heavy equipment seen on that site for the past several months has now been removed and the lot is silent. And the south end of the block, where a big project at 2 Renwick was planned, remains little more than a soggy braced-in pit of emptiness. It seems the new residents of 22 Renwick will be able to enjoy some of Renwick Street's famed quietude, at least until things loosen up and construction crews return.
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No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY