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CurbedWire: High Line Graffiti Update, 7-Train Blessed!

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WEST CHELSEA?With reports circulating that all the graffiti along the High Line is getting painted over in a city-sponsored effort to de-grittify (a shock like this requires the creation of at least one new word) the area along the new elevated park, the covering of the old tag on the side of the former Roxy nightclub is now complete. We're sure to hear more about this controversy as the High Line's June opening approaches. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FAR WEST SIDE?The headline of an MTA press release fresh into the inbox: "ADVISORY: PHOTO OP: Archbishop Timothy Dolan to Bless the MTA's Launch Site of the 7 Line Extension Tunnel Boring Machines." The Lord is down with the 7 train? What's up now, John Rocker?! [CurbedWire Inbox]