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On the Racked: Choo Mania in Chelsea, Shoe Mania in Burg

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Chelsea: Come across that anxious crowd of hundreds (thousands?) lined up on Sixth Avenue today? No, they weren't waiting for free Swine Flu shots, but for the six-hour, one-day-only Jimmy Choo sale. Racked made it inside to check out the inventory, but the real fun was the crazy line, of course.

2) Williamsburg: Out in the wacky 'Burg, shoe stores have their own Joycean e-mail newsletters: "I don't really believe anything matters and I'm celebrating all the time and I never know why and what is sentimentality anyway? If you want to come in the store tomorrow and you bring a bottle of champagne, awesome."

3) FiDi & Soho: We don't normally link to Street Scenes, but we feel like the world would somehow be a better place if only we could get Marcy and Giorgios into a room together to share their secrets.

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