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Annals of Marketing: Hudson Hill's Odd 'Facade Blowout!'

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A tipster sends word of some wacky doings at Hudson Hill Condominiums, a 67-unit new development rising on West 58th Street: "Hudson Hill just lowered prices, offering all these 'reductions' for the next 25 buyers. But the listed prices that just hit Streeteasy are higher than the reductions they are already offering for the same units to buyers that close before 5/31. What a weird marketing trick. A reduction where you raise prices."

Sure enough, its Streeteasy page has a special name for the discount: "Facade Completion Blowout for next 25 buyers!" Now, putting aside the pure genius of a "Facade Completion Blowout," an idea whose time has surely come, prices are indeed down 15-25% across the board as of a few days ago... for those next 25 buyers, anyway. We don't see word of the 5/31 closing deal, though—anyone who's had a look around here know more?
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