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Construction Watch: Inside Chelsea Enclave's Secret Garden

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[Photos by Anonymous.]

One of the unique features of Ninth Avenue's rising Chelsea Enclave is its easy access to a semi-secluded part of town that most people don't even know exists. The former Development Du Jour's backyard is "The Close," the interior garden between West 21st and 22nd Streets that connects the historic buildings of Chelsea's General Theological Seminary, on whose grounds the Enclave is built (a new Seminary library will be built into the condop's garden-facing lower floors). The building has made epic strides since our last check-in in October, with the facade now largely in place. Above, the back of the Enclave seen from The Close, a shot our tipster was so determined to get that he risked eternal damnation in the process. Here's the story:

So I showed up during the garden's open visiting hours, and basically you sign in and get a visitor pass to clip to your shirt. The lady tells you "no photos allowed." OK, no problem. The gardens aren't as big as I was expecting. Unfortunately there were tons of people around so flouting the rule wasn't going to happen. Instead I put my camera on high-speed burst and casually shifted it on my shoulder with the button down. So I took like 20 scattered shots and a couple were OK. I think the rule is so they don't end up with huge Japanese wedding parties or tourists shooting in the windows at students, etc. I don't think I violated any real sanctity by shooting across their quad with no other humans in the shot.
Guess you'll find out upon arrival at the Pearly Gates, friend. According to StreetEasy, six Chelsea Enclave listings are in contract and prices are still hovering around a heavenly $2,000/sf.
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Chelsea Enclave

177 9th Avenue, New York, NY