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It Happened One Weekend: The Public School Dilemma, Co-ops Raising Fees, Now is the Time to Raise Prices

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1) Some parents who bought at the height of the boom now feel trapped by their real estate, because private school is no longer in the economic cards and that new apartment may not be zoned for a top public school. What to do? Cheat! Setting up a fake address in a desirable public school's area is a popular choice. Says one parent who sounds like a great influence: "I will certainly consider some alternative way to game the system by gaining a different address. This is my child, who is a really smart kid, and he's not going to my crummy zoned school. That's just not going to happen." ['The Sudden Charm of Public School']

2) Some co-ops have raised maintenance fees up to 15% this year, and that's because of rising property taxes, not operating costs. Blame the boom-time market, which led to big increases in the assessed values of buildings. ['Co-op Fees Go Through the Roof']

3) Even though listings in high-end buildings like 15 Central Park West, One Beacon Court and The Plaza have flooded the market, real estate doyenne Louise Sunshine's advice to those sellers is not to panic: "I would advise anybody who lives in a quality building to raise their prices and have patience, because nothing is going to move until people have confidence." Alright, so we'll expect those 56 Leonard price increases to come any second now. [Big Deal/'Luxe But Logy']

4) Hey, remember Rockrose's new luxury rental building at 455 West 37th Street, at Tenth Avenue in a Far West Side/Hudson Yards no man's land? (Our current server issues are preventing us from linking to previous coverage.) Well, in this week's Hunt column, a pair of 25-year-olds consider splitting a 1BR in the building ($2,500/month), but they didn't want to be pioneers: "Come back in 10 years and I'm sure it will be a hot area to live in," says one. Instead, they move where 25-year-old SUNY grads are contractually bound to go, and that's Murray Hill. [The Hunt/'Living the High-Rise Life']