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CurbedWire: Viking Ship Spotted in Brooklyn, Upper West Side Co-op Served With Onions

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BAY RIDGE/DYKER HEIGHTS?Villagers, lock up your wenches, a new Viking ship has set sail in Brooklyn. At least that's what the Park Department is hoping people see when they look at the above new playground in Leif Ericson Park, which had its ribbon-cutting today: "The new playground design includes Viking ship-themed play equipment, swings, safety surfacing and a volleyball court." Did Leif Ericson play volleyball? We imagine the pointy hat must have gotten in the way. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UWS?The pre-war co-op at 12 West 72nd Street is named the Oliver Cromwell, but a tipster points us to a listing in the building with a chuckle-worthy typo. And though a life in the Liver Cromwell does sound delicious, the mistake is made slightly more amusing when noting the broker's name. Sniffs our tipster, "I wonder if the broker would like being called 'Liver Brown' (the latest crayola crayon color I'm told)." [CurbedWire Inbox]