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On the Racked: Times Square De-Virginized, Topshop Dissed!

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Times Square: Want to see what a dead Megastore looks like? It's a scary sight, haunted by the faint echoes of screaming crowds long dispersed. J. Lo will have to go elsewhere to sign CDs next time around. Union Square, this is your fate.

2) Soho: The Topshop backlack begins! Via IM Rant, a Racked informant tears into men's offshoot Topman: "The labels on their tees are meant to mimic American Apparel. And the labels on their flannels look like Supreme! $60 for a mass market flannel, I'll drop the $110 on the real thing." Meanwhile, for those not turned off, here's how to beat the line.

3) Upper West Side & Soho: Flea-markety store chain Shabby Chic is shuttering, including the UWS and Soho locations, and they are going out in style. The owner is penning weepy poetry to eulogize the business. Developers of stalled reale state projects could learn a thing or two.

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