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FiDi's W Hotel Not Playing Nice With Its Neighbor

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Amidst rumors that the Financial District's 58-story W New York Downtown condo/hotel was in dire straits, developer Joseph Moinian said back in December that sales at the tower would pick up once the cursed Deutsche Bank Building across the street was finally demolished. We were a bit unconvinced that the Deutsche demo, now years behind schedule, would seriously jog sales at the W no matter how much of a blight the shrouded 9/11-ravaged building has become. Then we happened upon the Tribeca Trib's W update, which includes the photo at right of what will soon be the terrace for the hotel's fifth-floor bar. Yikes!

The Deutsche building looks close enough to touch, and that's the problem, the assistant project manager tells the paper: "Imagine standing at the bar with a drink in your hand, you turn around and that building is the first thing you see. It's a pretty unpleasant thought." True, though when the Deutsche building is finally razed, the view from the space-age hotel will be of the World Trade Center pit to the north. But heck, at least it won't be all up in guests' grills. The hotel portion of the tower, on Floors 6-22, is expected to open in June barring more delays.
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