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Greenpoint Rental Shitshow #2: Front Lofts Preps for May 1

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Following up on the news earlier today of quite the situation at Greenpoint rental building Lofts 305 comes word from another blogger of more rental insanity in the nabe. Seems said blogger went to check out a new rental building—dubbed The Front Lofts, it's a conversion at Meserole Ave. and Banker St., and ready for occupancy on May 1! Or, er, maybe it's not!

Reports TheKnownUniverse:

Deborah sent me a text while waiting for the real estate broker to arrive. “I can’t find the entrance,” she said. There was a graffiti covered door with the right number spray painted on it, but it was padlocked with a heavy chain. Every window in the building was boarded up. The building just came on the market and when the brokers (two of them) arrived, they were a little confused themselves. They managed to get inside, but could only show Deborah a couple of spaces since many of the doors were padlocked...

None of the windows were in, none of the appliances were in, the floors weren’t finished, the walls weren’t finished, nothing in the building was finished. Barely even started as a matter of fact.

“I know it looks a little rough right now, but it’ll all be done by May 1st.”

“You realize May 1st is only four weeks away, right? It won’t be done. There’s no way.”

Deborah took a few photos — for no other reason than to show me what a shithole it was — thanked the brokers for wasting her time, and started to leave. “If you’re interested, we have another place in East Williamsburg, near the Graham Avenue stop,” they said.

It didn't work out for them, but it can for you! Per Craigslist, get yourself in at the nearly-finished Front Lofts for a mere $2,300/month for a two-bedroom or $2,000 for a one-bedroom. Or, rent them both and learn the true meaning of bright n' airy! C'mon, we dare you.
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