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Pretty Much Everyone Suing at 170 East End Avenue

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170 East End Avenue, the new luxury condo building overlooking Carl Schurz Park, sports unique touches like a squash court and in-house pitching ace. But now 170 East End Avenue is just like every other new building trying to finish up business in this down market, meaning that buyers are suing the heck out of it in an attempt to get out of their deals. The Real Deal reports that five buyers have brought lawsuits against the building, and some of them are downright wacky. In one, the purchasers of a $2.15 million condo say noise from the building's garage has made life "unbearable" for them. In another, the contract-holder for an $8.4 million unit claims the building's first closing did not occur before the 170 East End Avenue offering plan said it would. He wants his deposit back and "no less than $50 million" in damages for his troubles. Seems like a little much, but then again, we do hate tardiness. Anyone have any intel on whether developers are actually willing to let buyers walk to avoid lengthy litigation?
· 170 East End plagued by five suits seeking millions of dollars and contract revocations [Real Deal]

170 East End Ave

170 East End Ave, New York, NY