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Greenpoint Rental Shitshow #1: Lofts 305 Locks 'Em Out

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We're often tempted to leave tales of new development rentals gone awry in Greenpoint to Miss Heather, but today two equally alluring rental reports have crossed our transom that demand our—and, yes, your—attention. The first concerns old favorite Lofts 305, and comes via a comment on the blog Zohray in which a renter details moving into the building a few days ago. (Hint: it ain't pretty.)

The commenter reports:

OK Let me just tell you as one of the first 10 tenants of this building what a nightmare it’s been and what’s really going on. We were all slated to move in on the 1st. There were suppose to be ongoing touch ups and repairs being made to he apts of the tenants who’d signed leases as well as continuing construction in the apts not yet rented. Here’s the wrinkle. Unbeknown (so they claim) to the Real Estate agency (citispaces) the new owners hadn’t closed on the actual sale of the building. We all of course were completely in the dark and were told that we could move our things in on the first but would not be allowed to live there until Monday. So yesterday, what happened? The building was closed down, leaving us unable to reach our belongings while they tried to close on the buy. Apparently the old owners (sellers) were not happy with how the “buyers” (the people we paid and signed leases with) were handling certain asspects of the negotiation process (like letting people move in before actually owning the building, maybe?). See apparently they were so confident that they’d close when they’d first scheduled to do so a few weeks ago that they thought they could start renting. But it seems, the bank from which the downpayment loan began, decided to pull out of the deal, leaving the dev company high and dry with funding. At that point all of the constructing and slowed to a near stop and we were all left wondering why. They called everyone after obtaining a new bank to loan them the money, saying Monday would be the day to rejoice, thinking they’d be able to close in a few hours without any hassle. So here we are stuck in limbo while our new landlords to be try and secure the building legally...

I’m still hoping all of this works out, because I would like to live in the apt. And I would like to see see it get finished and have all of the amenities provided and promises fulfilled. Hopes are not high. But gotta keep them alive. Just too sad not to.

Well, goodness! Any other folks with reports from the front lines of life at 305 Lofts? The Curbed tipline awaits your report!
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