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Reader Responds: No, This is How You Silence a Highway

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A Curbed reader notes yesterday's coverage of the fanciful Brooklyn Bridge Connector?steel arches, translucent shells and a solar canopy meant to quiet the BQE for the sake of the under-construction Brooklyn Bride Park?and fires back:

I read your post about the BQE silencer, and I wanted to let you know that isn't the only silencer dreamed up for Brooklyn Bridge Park. In fact, I've put plenty of work into similar plan. A big difference, I use vegetation and trees to absorb the noise and exhaust for the cars. I also incorporated a bio fuel gas station within the structure.
In breaking down the dual use of the trees, I calculated the air pollution along this stretch of highway and determined how much vegetation the city needs to offset it. I've also done extensive research into placing Bio-Fuel stations around the city. This was all part of a project at Parsons, under Jared Della Valle and Andrew Bernheimer of Della Valle Bernheimer Architects.
More diagrams and images of Silencer II: Attack of the Veggies can be found here. Which noise-canceling proposal gets the edge? We're inclined to say this one, because of the inclusion of that sweet driver's seat rendering. It's like we're already zipping through the Brooklyn of the future!
· Architects Dream Up BQE Silencer for Brooklyn Bridge Park [Curbed]

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201