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On the Auction Block: 1600 Broadway, Fully Decked-Out

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We don't often lead with a photo of the loo, but the thing to know about this apartment at 1600 Broadway is that you can buy it, at auction, fully furnished. Right? Yes! That toilet Buddha candle holder can be yours, all yours, at this "Out-of-State Corporate Dissolution - Immediate Sale Ordered via Public Auction" event! And so can that, er, fake bathroom tree-thing! But for how much? Well, auction aspirants must present a $65,000 certified check to get in the game, but judging by the two D-line apartments currently on the market, asking $1.245 million and $1.24 million, respectively, you'll want to be a bit better heeled than that. Guesses on the winning bid? Hit the comments, and we'll report back come May 14.
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1600 Broadway

1600 Broadway, New York, NY 10013