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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Superloft is Chelsea's Best Dressed

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And now, the results of yesterday's PriceSpotter mystery listing guessing game...

Location: 206 West 17th Street
Asking: $8,200,000

A lot of entertaining chatter this massive 5BR loft, including favorite floorplan foibles (espresso maker!) and rumors of celebrity owners in the building (a Jackson!). As for stabs at the asking price, an anonymous guesser sniffed it out early on with an "I would say $8.4 M to $8.5 M" comment, but the PriceSpotter committee has ruled against calling that a winning entry. Instead we head down a bit to another anonymous friend who wrote, "$8.4 list price but will trade lower than that... i figure that it will change hands at $7.8 or $1.3K a sqft for the nice finishes."
· Listing: 206 West 17th Street [Corcoran]
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206 West 17th Street

206 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011