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Construction Watch: West Chelsea's Metal Mania Takes Shape

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Metal Shutter Houses, the 11-story stack of bodega-inspired boxes from the mind of architect Shigeru Ban, is grabbing its piece of sky in the West Chelsea Starchitecture District. The rising shell keeps popping up in photos from and of the nearby High Line, so we felt it was time for a closer look. Today we bring you full-on Ban, as his pre-metal creation fights for attention as Nouvel, Gehry and Selldorf look on. The long-in-the-making boutique building at 524 West 19th Street has 10 units (one claimed by the developer), and they are all in contract at prices around and above $2,000/sf. By the time the building is finished, well-heeled owners may need to utilize those motorized metal shutters to protect their art collections from roving packs of unemployed Wall Streeters. Did Shigeru Ban predict the economic meltdown, or what?
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