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Ryan Gosling Will Help You Move (for a Fee)

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Ah, the turnover of another month. Paychecks are in, rent checks are out, and the movers are out there moving?hogging the sidewalks and doing their thing. And in the East Village, that group apparently includes actor Ryan Gosling, spotted by Vanishing New York on East 7th Street in uniform and everything. VNY explains:

Word on the street is he's doing research for a new movie called Blue Valentine in which he plays the part of a mover. (His co-star is Michelle Williams.) So he's traveling around town with Steinway Movers, lugging furniture and boxes in and out of a big red and yellow truck.We commend the method acting, but what, the guy never lifted a box before? One more photo after the jump, just because it doesn't got much weirder than this.

Adds VNY, "He found a fan in Susan, the lady with the walker who sits outside Howdy-Do most days. She's been in the neighborhood for 60 years and welcomed Ryan with a bouquet of pink roses. An apparently warm and affable guy, he posed for pictures with Susan, asking her, 'We didn't disturb you here, did we?' When was the last time you heard a visitor to the East Village ask that question of a long-time resident?" So sensitive! So dreamy!
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