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Rent at Silver Towers Or Its Playground Will Hunt You Down

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Odds are, if you've been near the top of any Manhattan high-rise and looked west in the past couple of years, you've seen the massive Silver Towers rising on Eleventh Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. The twin 60-story towers, built by World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein (Silver, get it?) are the long-in-the-making follow-up to Silverstein's huge River Place rental development nearby. Now, after a bit of tragedy and during a nasty real estate downturn, the Silver Towers are finally ready for renters. Scruffy Daily News real estate scribe Jason Sheftell reports that the leasing effort for Silver Towers begins next week, with the 1,042 market-rate rentals (there are also 200+ affordable units) starting at $2,300 for studios. A snazzy website for the project has launched, and amenities include an indoor pool, concierge, dog run, gym, seventh-floor terrace and more planted groves than a Florida citrus farm. One such outdoor park space?which is open to the public?features a playground sculpture by Tom Otterness, and it's absolutely bonkers.

OK kids, once that gets out of your nightmares, apply today!
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