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Javits Center Renovation About What You'd Expect

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The long-planned expansion (we're talking Pataki days here, folks) of the West Side's beleaguered Javits Center was murdered due to massive cost overruns by Gov. Spitzer, only to be resurrected in zombie form in a far reduced scale later on. The current version of the convention center's expansion is more like an "expansion," because only a smidgen of new exhibition space will be added. Most of the $463 million will go toward renovating and refurbishing the leaky structure, and Chelsea Now gives us a glimpse of how the Javits will look when work finishes in 2013: like the biggest Apple store in the galaxy. Also, a temporary pre-fab space will be plopped onto Eleventh Avenue between 39th and 40th Streets to house exhibitions while construction on the main Javits structure gets messy, preparation for which is already under way. The Far West Side, always bringin' it. Where, we're not quite sure.
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