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Rendering/Reality: How Bits of the UES's Brompton Stack Up

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With some buyers fighting like hell to get out of their contracts?or at least get a discount?at The Brompton on the Upper East Side, it's time to check in on what they're willing to give up. The Brompton is the latest luxury tower to spring from the mind, body and soul of architect Robert A.M. Stern, another one of Stern's pre-war imitators with all the modern touches. Broker-blogger Andrew Fine filed a two-part visit inside the 86th Street building late last week (he's listing a unit for rent), giving us the perfect opportunity to see how the vision translated to reality. First up, the lobby, a match so identical it's almost creepy. (Seriously, has the rug and painting just been sitting in storage for two years?) Bravo, decorators, bravo.

Above, the kitchen. Unfortunately the photo is a reverse view of the rendering, but the results are still fairly spot-on, wouldn't you say?

As for the bathroom, the shot from The Brompton website looks more like a photograph, making this one the rare Reality/Reality. And so, success!

Ha! We finally nailed them! The actual living rooms don't come pre-installed with mismatched modern furniture and a svelte yuppie couple. Money back, please!
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