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Behind the Limestone: Inside 15 CPW's Pool, Gym, More!

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In this weekend's edition of The Hunt, Joyce Cohen spins the yarn of a family temporarily relocating from Florida with what seems like an unlimited budget. They end up taking a "town house and a half" in the Village for $15,000 per month, but not before checking out a $27,000/month 3BR apartment in 15 Central Park West. They say the Limestone Jesus has "ungodly amounts of amenities,” but the place "was, for the amount of money, not worth it to us." Can it be?those with the means to acquire it actually turning down "Fifteen?" It got us wondering how those amenities managed to let this family slip away. A tipster must have been reading our minds (or maybe we should stop talking to ourselves), because over the weekend photos of some 15 Central Park West amenities popped up in the inbox. While the pool may look no fancier than, say, your local YMCA, it does comes with the chance of seeing Sting, A-Rod, Denzel and other paparazzi favorites shirtless?together! And how, Floridians, can you put a price tag on that?
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023