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Door Might Close on Village's Famed Mosaic Artwork

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According to a petition circulating around the Perry Street environs, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has come down on the owner of 88 Perry Street for the mosaic-like mural that adorns the side door of the building?a piece of artwork that has been in place since 1972. Lost City picked up the story, and writes, "Problem is, the alteration was not properly recorded with the Landmarks Commission. And now—after 37 years of letting it be—the commission wants the owner of 88 Perry Street to remove the mosaic and restore the building to its original 1972 appearance." That's not entirely true, the LPC tells us.

According to a Landmarks spokesperson, "We're not saying the owner has to take it down, we're saying the owner has to come to us for approval after the fact. The next step is for the owner to make his or case to the Commissioners, who will decide whether the mural is indeed appropriate to the character of 88 Perry and the surrounding buildings in the district." Even though the mural has become something of a local landmark, it might be difficult to prove how it's appropriate to the character of a West Village building that was around for almost a century before it got the flashy paint job. File this one under: Developing...
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