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Destructoporn: Battle of the Badly Injured Buildings!

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Last week Vanishing New York reported on the curse of the Sorcerer's Apprentice spreading to the building at 150 West 14th Street (near Seventh Avenue), where residents had been evacuated after the structure "partially collapsed--or threatened to." Last night a tipster dropped by the scene and reports back with a surprising update: "Noticed that the facade of the building that was evacuated on Friday had been ripped right off with the occupants belongings still inside! That facade was bulging out a bit (but it has been that way for years); it's not a bearing wall, so what was the rush?!" The vacate order issued on Thursday said the building was/is in danger of collapse. Meanwhile, at the site of last week's partial roof collapse at 217 Court Street in Cobble Hill, another tipster forwards along some overheard shots of the ongoing demolition. So what's the bigger wreck? We're inclined to give the nod to 14th Street's impromptu Barbie Dream House. Thoughts?
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