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Construction Watch: Gehry's Beekman Gets Morning Wood

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After 38 of its planned 76 floors had risen, work abruptly halted at the top of the Frank Gehry-designed Beekman Tower as its developer Bruce Ratner squabbled with labor unions over construction costs. That was nearly two months ago, but a Curbed tipster down in the upper reaches of the Financial District notes some current activity on the luxury rental skyscraper: "They were delivering rebar this morning and there were definitely people visible on top. In the crane lifting photo, it was putting wood on the roof, not taking it off." We've reached out to building reps to find out if the 76-story plan is still in place, or if Ratner is following through on his threat to cap Gehry's rippling steel at 40 floors. Until we hear, enjoy the updated look at the big Beek.
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