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Coming Soon: Murano Ready to Show LIC the Light

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The Developers Group is on an archipelago kick of late, with the brokerage now previewing a pair of developments with watered-down Euro flavor: Santorini in Astoria, and the Murano in Long Island City. We understand the Greek connection with Astoria, but as for the Murano...well, maybe the goal is to put the "island" back in Long Island City. The Borden Avenue building's former working title was The Prism, and previous plans for the glassy (Oh, now we get it!) tower?which does a bit of a twist halfway up?called for different colors of light beaming out of its core. That plan is still in place if the Murano's teaser website is any indication, much to the chagrin of neighbors, we're sure. Think something this flashy will never get off the ground in the LIC of 2009? Folks, this guy's already getting glassed!
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