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On the Racked: Soho J.Crew Men's and EMS Open, More!!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Lots of openings this week, alert shoppers! We begin on Broadway, in the vicinity of Topshop, where J.Crew has opened a new J.Crew Men's store that dwarfs the smaller Tribeca outpost that debuted last year. Color: "Vintage menswear, third-party gear from designers like Alden and Baracuta, and J.Crew's usual preppy basics. (The company shut down the men's section at its nearby Prince Street location.) There's also a little suit boutique, the first of its kind for the Crew, which is roped off from the rest of the store."

2) Soho: Also open for business in the neighborhood: EMS, featuring acres of outdoors equipment, for those who, well, like to go outdoors. Check the extensive photogallery for all your hiking dreams.

3) Midtown: In case the mobbed flagship store doesn't sate your Abercrombie needs, the clothing retailer is taking over the old Hickey Freeman space a few blocks south. Per Racked, "Abercrombie plans to dedicate the new location to their children's label, abercrombie, meaning that any perma-line that does develop will include a lot of strollers."

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