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Curbed Inside: Catching Some Waves at Chelsea Modern

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. Got a place for us to check out? Drop a line.

[Photos by Will Femia]

Of all the avant-garde buildings popping up around the High Line in West Chelsea, architect Audrey Matlock's Chelsea Modern on 18th Street is one of the most mind-bending. The 12-story luxury condo building near Tenth Avenue has been generating curiosity ever since it began getting its skin of blue tinted glass, assembled in wavy horizontal bands to create a rippling effect. The building is now complete (and half sold with several more contracts signed), so we sent roving Curbed photographer Will Femia to get a peek at some of the spaces?including one of two twelfth-floor penthouses with private rooftop access (asking $4.55 million), a ninth-floor spread with big terraces thanks to the building's generous setback (asking $4.95 million) and the Chelsea Modern's rear garden. Femia had to be treated for the bends when he was done, so prove to him it was worth it and have a look around.
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