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On the Market: UES Townhouse Lights Our Fire

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Please direct your attention to the fireplace seen at right, which?though it may look draped in fabric and partially melted?is actually entirely carved out of alabaster. It's one of the signature elements of the townhouse at 122 East 70th Street, on the market for $20.2 million and one of the kookier Upper East Side concoctions we've seen in a while. The Observer's Max Abelson tracked down designer Samuel Botero to get the story behind the fireplace: "The client and I were sitting having lunch, and she said, 'I want my mantel to be something no one's ever seen.' So I took a napkin and made a sketch. She said, 'I love it. Get it done.' I found a master of stone in Long Island City." And we thought Palazzo Chupi's massive mantle was the talk of the town! Also git-r-done'd: the horn of plenty embedded in the kitchen floor, a "mixture of semi-precious stones," Botero explains. Yeah, you might want to click through to the listing.
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