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CurbedWire: Partying Down in Tribeca, Winka Style!

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TRIBECA?We haven't heard much about architect Winka Dubbeldam's V33 creation down on Vestry Street in a hot minute, and neither has this tipster, leading to a bit of surprise and wonderment: "There's some event over at the V33 sales office at Greenwich @ Watts. Not sure what it's for but there's some activity over there, which is interesting since there hasn't been a lot of activity there in some time. Jazz band playing on the patio and photogs snapping pics." Like clockwork, an explanation this way comes: "The Society NYC hosted an intimate 30-person cocktail/dinner gathering at the V33 Sales Gallery in Tribeca last night. This event featured internationally acclaimed cutting-edge architects Winka Dubbeldam of Archi-Tectonics and Matthias Hollwich of HWKN. Both architects mingled with guests and gave presentations focused on Green design initiatives." [CurbedWire Inbox]