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New St. Vincent's Renderings Already Need a Surgeon's Hand

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[Renderings courtesy FX Fowle]

On Tuesday the Landmarks Preservation Commission told St. Vincent's Hospital that the 233-foot-tall residential building planned for the site of the hospital's current main building on Seventh Avenue South is still too tall, despite having been cut down from an original height of 266 feet. Which, for all intents and purposes, makes the latest rendering of the tower?designed by architecture firm FX Fowle and passed along by the ArchPaper Blog?already outdated. However, there is still much to glean from the latest crop of images of the controversial redevelopment plan's luxury housing component, including the eventual look of the smaller new buildings along West 11th and West 12th Streets. In the shot immediately above, the building standing in the way of the new high-rise is St. Vincent's Cronin Building, which was spared from demolition when the LPC rejected the earlier, taller version of the tower. A life saved! Now that's good health care.
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