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Far West Side Degentrification Watch: The 'Bucks Stops Here

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Tough times have befallen the Hell's Kitchen hinterlands we like to call the Far West Side. During the boom the area was the darling of developers, who gobbled up land and made bold proclamations that this final frontier of luxury development was the haute 'hood of the future. The Gods became angry! The planned 7-train stop at 41st Street and Tenth Avenue was abruptly canceled, condemning the neighborhood to a lifetime of MTA isolation. The shit-hot Vu Hotel fell into foreclosure purgatory, and we're still waiting on that promised second Atelier luxury condo tower. The latest unfortunate development, Eater reports, comes from 42nd Street and Eleventh Avenue, where a Starbucks and Crunch gym have both given up the ghost in the span of one week. Friends, we're afraid. And Team 7791 is no longer there to hold us.
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