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Boom Was Good to Starchitects-in-Training

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Metropolis profiles the upstarts of Della Valle Bernheimer (designers of the shiny hunk of High Line steel at 245 Tenth Avenue), and it's a fascinating look at the boom-time rise of the developer-architect model also pursued by firms like FLAnk and SHoP: "'I realized it would be easy to make offers on buildings I had no money to buy and then, if they were accepted, chase the funds,' Della Valle recalls... 'I was meeting high-net-worth real estate people, and there was never any question that we would be the architects, in exchange for putting the deal together.' No less motivating was the profit potential. 'The numbers were tantalizing,' he says. 'It was like, God, if I can pull this off, we could make a gajillion dollars.'" [Metropolis]

245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001